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March 15th, the Ides of March Reenactment of Gaius Julius Caesar’s death

Rome, March 15, 2016 at 16:00 and at 17:00 will be the Ides of March, the day of the killing of Julius Caesar. In memory of the historical event, in ‘immediate proximity Area Sacra di Largo Argentina (due to renovations) The Gruppo Storico Romano for the XIII edition, offers the historic commemoration of the tragic events of March 15, 44 BC
Idi_di_marzo_gruppo_storico_romano-The commemoration, in historical clothing, with strictly philological reconstruction, is divided into three scenes. In the first Marco Antonio, Cato, Cicero, senators and tribunes of the people, will be the protagonists of the Senate at the end of the meeting which Caesar is declared public enemy of Rome. In the second Cesare arrives in the Curia and meets haruspex Spurinna, … who had warned him: “Caesar, beware the Ides of March!”. Following the assassination with twenty-three stab wounds. In the third and final stage the speech of Brutus and Mark Antony’s oration (from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar) during the funeral of Caesar, the Roman Forum. The direction is taken care of by the “Entrepreneurs of Dreams.” The Roman historian Group is engaged since 1994 in the dissemination and reconstruction of the history of ancient Rome.
The area of ​​the event – as sacred, since the sixth century BC, evidenced by the presence of temples and spaces linked to the origins of the Res Publica – is affected by a development project to soon reopened. The studies, excavations and ongoing surveys have helped to clarify certain aspects of the archaeological site and have identified exactly, along the western side, the back wall of the “Curia Pompeia” where he was killed Caesar.
Idi_di_marzo_gruppo_storico_romano-39Seguirà at the headquarters of the Roman Historical Group, in Via Appia Antica 18 a conference on the theme, with the participation of scholars and supervisors, the program will be announced soon.

Before the re-enactment will intervene Prof Michele Beatrice with history and anecdotes about the life of Caesar
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Source: Gruppo Storico Romano

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