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CARTHAGO. THE IMMORTAL MYTH until 03/29/2020 on display at the Colosseum.

The Archaeological Park of the Colosseum dedicates an extraordinary exhibition to one of the major Mediterranean powers of the ancient world with the exhibition “Carthago. The immortal myth “.

The magnificent city, founded according to legend by Queen Didone, is the protagonist of a rich and ample narrative: from the Phoenician East, witness of the growth of a great commercial empire, to the conflict with Rome, another great rival power, and the subsequent re-establishment of the new Colonia Iulia Concordia Carthago, a flourishing province of Rome. The engaging story, of remarkable chronological extension, unfolds, subsequently, through the abandonment of paganism and the spread of Christianity, for which Carthage represented a heated propulsive force, and concludes with an appendix on the rediscovery of the dynamic North African city in modern contemporary light.
The exhibition, housed in the evocative spaces of the Colosseum, the Temple of Romulus and the Imperial Ramp at the Roman Forum, includes over four hundred finds of exceptional archaeological value, originating from Italian and international archaeological museums, including the Tunisian national museums of Bardo and Carthage , of Beirut in Lebanon and of Madrid and Cartagena in Spain.

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