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Colosseum: guided night visits from August 4 to October 29

Colosseum at night, a fantastic night tour to spend an unforgettable evening in Rome.

Every Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 20:10 to midnight, an attractive lighting for a special evening visit dungeons, tunnels and internal arches of the Colosseum.

The visit starts from the arena floor, the heart of the monument, from where you can see the depth of the underground, the cavities of the galleries and the succession of arches inside the monument, made particularly suggestive evening lighting.

The amphitheater evening openings also allow the visit to the underground, showing the places where gladiators and wild beasts were waiting before appearing in front of the public to challenge each other in games and bloody hunts, and explaining the technical operation of the apparatus that allowed the lifting of humans and animals from the underground arena.

The route continues nell’ambulacro the first floor, which this year welcomes the exhibition Constantine 313 A.D. The exhibition celebrates the anniversary of the exceptional religious tolerance poster spread in 313 d. C., also known as the “Edict of Milan”, attributed to the Roman Emperor Constantine in the West. The exhibition is divided into sections that deepen, with over one hundred and sixty precious finds from all over Europe,
historical themes, artistic and religious Constantinian era, with a particular
Mink Rome time.


event ticket

– Adults 20 Euros

– Reduced 18 €

Other reductions Card Event

for children aged 6 to 12 years

For reservations and information: tel. 06.39967700 (Monday-Friday 9-18 Saturday 9-14)

Source: Funweek Rome


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