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Christmas #Roma 21/23 April celebrations

Best wishes for your Rome 2770 years !!!

On April 21 is the Birthday of Rome, or the anniversary of the founding of the city.

According to Roman tradition and according to Marco Terenzio Varrone, Rome was founded by Romulus on 21 April 753 a.c. the Capitoline hill. Since then the Roman calendar “ab urbe condita” will mean the founding of Rome.

Many events are planned: concert in the Capitol and Sisto bridge.

Do not miss the parade and representations of the “old Roman Group” Sunday, April 23 from the Colosseum to the Circus Maximus, with the participation of “legions” from 21 European countries.

April 21, always at the Circus Maximus there will be photo exhibitions, performances and re-enactments of the birth of Rome organized by the same group.

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