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Rome Show 100 Nativity Scenes – Rome from November 26 to January 10

The exhibition of 100 nativity scenes of Rome came to the 40th edition, the exhibition will take place within the halls of Bramante from November 26 to January 10 at 9:30 am to 20:00 every day including Sundays, Christmas, New Year and Epiphany.
The main purpose of the exhibition is in the will to reaffirm a typically Italian tradition which was in danger of disappearing, and in promoting awareness of this tradition abroad.

The material of 100 cribs: The cribs that can be admired by visiting the exhibition, are a great attraction because, coming from various foreign countries and from various Italian regions, are built with very different styles with each other and sometimes unusual materials. We will find cribs in: pasta, cork, clay, rice, shells, felt, glazed earthenware, sugar, metal car parts, pumpkin seeds, ping pong balls and many more.

100 Cribs: Info

To be able to visit the exhibition, the ticket will cost 8,00 Euro.

the reductions are provided for over 65 6.50 euros.

Metrebus Card Annual excluding weekends and holidays 6,50 Euros.

Children (4-10 years) pay 5.50 euros.

Source: Pro loco RomaCapitale

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