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Rome Feast 2020! Happy New Year

The most awaited moment of the year, between New Year’s Eve and New Year. In Rome, a large free party open to all transforms the city into an open-air stage and welcomes the new year with an explosion of creativity and fantasy, colors and magic. We are talking about the Rome Film Fest, which has reached its fourth appointment this year and is made possible thanks to the extraordinary collaboration between Roma Capitale and the main cultural institutions and foundations of the city.
1,000 Italian and international artists, music and songs, stunts and parades, in addition to the inevitable fireworks, are just some of the ingredients of a 24-hour event dedicated to fun and sharing.
On the evening of December 31st, to kick off the celebrations at the Circus Maximus will be an unpublished fairy tale by Ascanio Celestini, accompanied by the music of the Rustica X Band, a band composed exclusively of children and adolescents from the Roman suburbs. Between earth and sky, then it will be the moment of the aerial dance show of the Andalusian company Aerial Jockey Strada, with Vivaldi’s Quattro Stagioni rewritten by Max Richter performed live by the PMCE – Contemporary Music Ensemble Park. After midnight, everyone would dance until late at night with the DJ Set of Skin, leader of the London band Skunk Anansie and spokesman for human rights.
On January 1st, just after midnight, the two installations in Piazza Bocca della Verità Façade and Spider Circus, created by the French artists of Groupe Laps, will color the area with spectacular light effects. In mid-morning, theatrical performances, dances, music and videos will accompany four artistic walks for adults and children, guided by the artists and performers Leonardo Delogu and Valerio Sirna. From the early hours of the afternoon the party will concentrate between Piazza dell ‘Emporio, Ponte Fabricio, Giardino degli Aranci and Piazza Bocca della Verità with artistic interventions created exclusively for the event and which will in many cases see the direct participation of the spectators.

Fonte : Comune di Roma

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