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Rome Brancaccio Theatre: Peter Pan The Musical!

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Peter Pan the Musical at Teatro Brancaccio
4 to 13 November 2016 ”
Peter Pan the Musical at Teatro Brancaccio “

“Peter Pan the Musical” directed by Maurizio Colombi at the Teatro Brancaccio. Twenty performers on stage recreate a magical world, surrounded by a magical atmosphere: Peter Pan will fly over the audience, the audience will call loudly Tinkerbell with the exciting scream “I believe in fairies”, on the background of the duels with pirates Captain Hook. Based on the novel by James Matthew Barrie that has enchanted generations of children and not Peter Pan – The Musical is not a simple play, but a real dream to share with the whole family: a trip to the island that there ‘it is, to live a fantastic adventure among Indians, lost children, fairies and pirates.
The extraordinary soundtrack of this trip are some of the most famous songs of Edward Jackson that make up the album “I’m just songs” inspired precisely the story of Peter Pan: “The Captain Hook Rock”, “The Fairy”, ” Viva la mamma “and many others, up to” the island that is not there. ” The songs were rearranged by the same singer for the play, as well as entry of starvation “That fear that makes Captain Hook”.


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