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Rome Appia Antica street : The nymph Egeria

The nymph Egeria is located near the ancient Via Appia in the Caffarella park.

According to tradition, the nymph Egeria was one of the deities related to the sources of water and milk offers reciprocated by giving prophecies; generally accompanied them heroes or important characters, so ‘Egeria is oneto the origins of Rome by marrying the Roman king Numa Pompilius, the successor of Romulus.
Legend has it that they should meet in this place to chat and make love, here inspired nymph groom in making laws and treat the religious order of primitive Rome.

On the death of King Numa Pompilius, Egeria for the great pain starts to cry and legend, from his tears flowed a stream of clear water source: Fonte Egeria active even today.


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